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Anesthesia : Historically anesthesiologists have been known as physicians who administer anesthesia to alleviate pain and suppress consciousness of patients undergoing surgery.
Today, anesthesiologists monitor a whole range of body functions and vital signs, such as
breathing, blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate to protect your health. Advances in patient monitoring, improved anesthetic agents and new drug therapies have empowered the anesthesiologists in a huge way and enabled them to provide the patient with much better and painless services.
At AASTHA LOK HOSPITAL, we use the latest equipment and techniques and have an excellent and renowned team of anesthesiologists to make our patients comfortable and ensure they are in the best hands at all times. The department provides anesthetic services for all major specialties. The operation theatres are well equipped with modern anesthetic machines with adequate safety devices. All theatres have state of the art patient monitoring systems.
Anesthesia services outside the operation theatre are provided for various procedures in : gastroenterology for endoscopy, in vitro fertilization for acolyte retrieval, radiology for angiography and intravenous xylography, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), the cath lab for cerebral angiography and coiling of aneurysms and dental treatment in the day care setting.
The modern and updated ICU boasts of up-to-date monitoring equipment and ventilators which provide a strong back-up for the surgical and medical units.

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