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Dentistry Services
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Dentistry Services
AASTHA LOK HOSPITAL through our highly qualified and acclaimed doctors, provides you and your family with
treatment and guidelines to maintain proper oral hygiene. Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most
important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they
make it possible to eat and speak properly.
The Dental department provides state-of-the-art dental services both through general out patient and private OPD.
Services Provided
1. Priority is given to relief of pain
Services like replacement of missing oral and maxilofacial structures such as partial and complete dentures both
acrylic, and metal cast dentures, obturators, fixed replacements crown and bridges.
3. Implantology
Dental Implants are being used for replacement of teeth. This is a recent addition.
4. Conservative Dentistry
Conventional filling ---Silver amalgam Light cure filling ---Tooth colored filling are undertaken to restore teeth.
5. Periodontal
Routine prophylaxis (scaling); deep sub gingival curettage; gingivectomy; bone augmentation of bony defect treatment available
6 Paedodontia

Children patients are treated for fillings and root canal treatment under GA with help of Anesthesia department either
in the OPD or operation theatre.

7. Orthodontics
Correction of misaligned teeth and jaws to improve aesthetic and function is being done, both removable and fixed appliances. Ceramic and stainless steel (bracket being used)
Adult orthodontic treatment is regularly being done.
Orthodontic correction of repaired cleft lip and palate is provided in co- ordination with the departments of
plastic surgery and ENT.
8. Oral & Maxillofacial surgery / Treatment offered
• Wisdom Tooth Surgery
• Maxillofacial Trauma
• Cyst & Tumor of the jaw.
• Tempro Mandibular joint disorder
• Surgical correction of jaw deformities -Rhinoplasty.
• Dental Implants
• Orthognatic Surgery.
• Merillo Socail Prosthesis
• Secondary Correction of Cleft dip Palate Cases with base grafting
9. General Anaesthesia
Compromised patients with general health problems, uncooperative patients requiring selected procedures are
taken to he operation theatre in co- ordination with the anaesthetist's help.
10. Cosmetic Dentistry
Bleaching of teeth is also being done. Veneers are also done to improve aesthetics.
11. Laboratory Services
All acrylic work is done in-house. Special procedures are outsourced to recognised laboratories.

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