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  • Our Hospital is through & through computerized and every process is recorded in Hospital Information System (HIS), hence all the patient data are safely preserved and can be retrieved anytime in future even on short notice.
  • This Hospital is having first mechanized laundry system in Bihar. This not only helps in getting linen & other cloths properly cleaned but also checks contamination & cross-infection.
  • The first true CSSD set up has been installed here with full range of Sterilizers to sterilize all OT, ICU & emergency equipments & consumables.
  • Potable water is provided in all the areas of Hospital through in-house RO plant. This helps in providing mineral water to patients & their attendants.
  • Manifold system here is quite advanced; Central gas pipeline connection has been placed to every bed for immediate life support.
  • Power supply back-up by two Diesel Gensets – 125 KVA & 250 KVA.
  • Wi-fi campus.
  • A huge parking space to park 100 cars at a time.

Dr .Vijay Kumar(MD. Medicine)
Dr. Manoj Kumar MS
Dr. Neelu Prasad
Dr. Minu Sharan
Dr. Rajesh Verma
Dr. Shekhar Kuma
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