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AASTHA LOK HOSPITAL addresses the full spectrum of disorders in the field of Gynaecology including congenital Malformations, Pregnancy, Menstrual disorders. We cover a broad range of women's health and welfare issues.
Our Facilities Our Services
Colposcopy / Cervical Cancer Screening Infertility - Total solution under one roof
HSG / Lap & Dye Pregnancy Checkup (ANC)
Hysteroscopy Delivery Normal / Painless Delivery
Endeoscopy Surgery Cesarean Operation / LSCS
TVS / CTG / USG Post Menopausal Checkup
IUI / IVF (Ref.) High Risk Pregnancy- Twin, PIH Diabetes, Jaundis
Serology and Pathology Advance Neonatal Care
Semen Banking ICU for High Risk Pregnancy Cases
Trauma Surgery  
Endoscopic Procedures  
Plastic Surgery  
General Medicine  
Obstetrics & Gynecology  
Laproscopic Surgery  
Nephrology Unit  
Whole Body CT Scan  
Ultra Sonography (3D, 4D)  
Digital X-ray (HSG)  
Pathology & Microbiology  
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation  
OICU With Ventilatory Support  
Abulance (A/C)  
DNursing With Suit Room  
A/C Room & General Ward  
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