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Neurological disorders, though equally or even more serious and disabling as cardiac (heart) problem never received high importance as that cardiac (heart) diseases. Most of the neurological diseases are chronic and require long term follow up and treatment.
It was never realized in the past that if these disorders are treated early, disability and dependence on patient can be limited or even avoided altogether.
Today acute stroke is given almost equal importance as is given to acute myocardial infarction.
Disease like Neuropathy, Myopathy, and Headache & Backaches, if dealt with early can limit the ultimate disability that remains even after surgical treatment.
In our setup, Chronic diseases like Dementia have never got importance as it is considered a Squeal of normal aging. Studies have proved it wrong and now it is classified as a degenerative disease occurring due to varied causes.
In view of changing medical science & coming up of new drug/therapies, Neurological diseases, being ignored in the past, have found a new place & importance in emergency/ OPD treatment room.
It is our endeavor to bring to the notice of general public the importance of early and latest treatment which can saved patients the disability and agony they go through once the disease becomes untreatable or leaves significant handicap thereafter.

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