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Spinal Surgery

DISC, Carries (Bone TB),Tumour, Fixation (Interpedicular) of Lumber and cervical Spine. Paraplegia & Cervical cord injury.

Joint Replacement Surgery
Knee Replacement,Hip Replacement,PHR
Arthroscopic Reconstruction Surgery

(ACL,PCL,Meniscus Tear)

Sports Injury Management
Deformity correction:

JESS,Illijarov,Polio,Club Foot


Minimum Invasive Surgery (MIS)

Interlocking Nailing,PFN,DFN,LCP,PHILOP

Acetabular Reconstruction
Trauma surgery
Endoscopic procedures
Plastic surgery
General Medicine



Infertility Management

High Risk Pregnancy Care
Laproscopic Surgery(LAVH)
Counseling For Planned Pregnancy
Painless Delivery
Maternity Care After Delivery
Well women & Menopause Clinic
Major & Minor Gynae Surgery
Dr .Vijay Kumar(MD. Medicine)
Dr. Manoj Kumar MS
Dr. Neelu Prasad
Dr. Minu Sharan
Dr. Rajesh Verma
Dr. Shekhar Kuma
Emergency & Trauma Care
Medical Specialties
Surgical Specialties
Investigation Specialties
Critical care facilities
Nutrition & Dietetics
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