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Trauma & Joint Replacement
Trauma & Joint Replacement
The Joint Replacement Service at Aastha Lok  Hospital, provides the most advanced medical services and reconstruction methods available, along with personalized care that centers on each patient's concerns and needs
The Total Joint Team includes :
. The Patient
. The Joint Replacement Surgeons
. The Anesthetist
. The Nursing Staff
. Physical Therapists
. Social Workers
. Medications
. Physical therapy
. Viscous-supplementation.
. Counseling, etc.

Our Joint Replacement Service physicians offer a range of state-of-the-art services to provide the highest level of care possible and are skilled in the most advanced treatments currently available. We recognize that each patient is a different individual with different needs and different level of activities and goals for the treatment of joint disorders. Keeping this in mind our world class surgeons offer the whole spectrum of treatment for painful and debilitating joint conditions. Non-surgical interventions are the first step in most treatment plans. These options include: Medications, Physical therapy, Viscosupplementation, Counseling etc.. Joint replacement surgery is considered only if non-surgical treatments are ineffective. After an initial comprehensive evaluation, the team of surgeons and supporting staff designs an individualized treatment plan for each patient. There are hundreds of joints available for joint replacement. The surgeon chooses an implant based on assessment of the disease, quality of the bone, age, activity levels and medical condition of the patient. The right implant and proper implantation of the chosen implant are keys to a successful Joint Replacement. Our operating infrastructure is second to none in the region having laminar airflow operating theater which is a first in the region. It ensures that chances of an infection are reduced to a bare minimum. So call us today and stop suffering needlessly. If you have joint pain, contact our Joint Replacement services and put an end to your suffering.

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