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Opthalmology Specialist in Patna

Defects of the eye, including vision impairment, have become more common with the advent of technology. Long and continuous exposure to our mobile, computer, and television screens has worsened everyone’s vision. Luckily enough, medical technology pertaining to the treatment of such defects has also advanced with time, allowing opthalmologists to correct these issues.

Our opthalmologists or eye specialists in Patna have been globally trained to cater to all your eye problems, ranging from simple eye infections like conjuctivitis to more complex vision problems like cataracts or strabismus, which require surgical correction. Our highly skilled team of eye specialist doctors in Patna at Aastha Lok Hospital has many years of experience in treating different types of eye defects, including the simplest of vision impairment issues such as myopia and hypermetropia.

The proficiency of our eye specialists in Patna, Bihar, has been able to attract patients from even the neighbouring districts who visit Aastha Lok Hospital to get the best eye treatment available in the state.

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