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Best Laparoscopy hospital in Patna

Laparoscopy, or laparoscopic surgical procedures, are minimally invasive surgeries that are done with the help of a long rod with a camera attached to it, known as a laparoscope. Laparoscopic surgeries require only 2 to 4 minimal incisions in the abdominal or pelvic regions for the surgery to be conducted, as opposed to laparotomical surgeries, which require 6 to 12 inch-long incisions to be made.

The scope of laparoscopic surgeries is quite extensive, meaning that most types of surgeries that are done can be performed by top laparoscopic surgeons in combination with laparoscopy, such as kidney stone removal, tubal ligation, cyst removal, and many others.

With the treatment provided by our best laparoscopic surgeons, you can be assured and confident about getting the best possible laparoscopic treatment services at Aastha Lok Hospital.

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