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Finding the right diagnostic center is important for accurate and timely medical results. Aastha Lok Hospital houses the best pathology lab in Patna, providing comprehensive diagnostic services to meet all your healthcare needs. From routine blood tests to advanced molecular diagnostics, our pathology lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced pathologists. If you are searching for the best diagnostic center in Patna, look no further than Aastha Lok Hospital.

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What Do We Offer in Our Pathology Services?

At Aastha Lok Hospital, we offer a diverse range of pathology services, ensuring that our patients receive accurate and timely results. Here’s an overview of what makes us the best pathology lab in Patna:

Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology involves the examination and analysis of blood, urine, and other bodily fluids to detect various health conditions. Our best diagnostic centre in Patna provides a wide array of clinical pathology tests, including:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): This test provides a detailed analysis of blood components, helping to detect infections, anemia, and other blood-related disorders.
  • Liver Function Tests: These tests evaluate the health of the liver, providing insights into conditions like hepatitis and liver disease.
  • Lipid Profiles: Lipid profiles help assess cholesterol and triglyceride levels, providing important information about cardiovascular health.
  • Blood Sugar Tests: These tests are used to diagnose diabetes and monitor blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.
  • Urine Analysis: This test helps identify urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, and other issues.


Microbiology focuses on identifying microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Our best pathology in Patna is equipped to conduct microbiology tests that include:

  • Bacterial Cultures: These tests help identify bacterial infections and determine the most effective antibiotics for treatment.
  • Viral Identification: We can detect and identify various viruses, helping to diagnose conditions like the flu or COVID-19.
  • Fungal and Parasitic Testing: Our lab can identify fungal infections and parasites, providing a comprehensive understanding of infectious diseases.


Blood and blood diseases are studied in hematology. Our best diagnostic centre in Patna offers hematology services that encompass:

  • Coagulation Tests: These tests assess blood clotting and are crucial for patients with bleeding disorders.
  • Platelet Count: This test is used to evaluate the number of platelets in the blood, helping to identify conditions like thrombocytopenia.
  • Tests for Blood Disorders: We can diagnose various blood disorders, including anemia, leukemia, and clotting disorders.


Histopathology involves the examination of tissue samples under a microscope to diagnose diseases. Aastha Lok Hospital’s pathology lab in Patna provides expert histopathology services, including:

  • Biopsy Analysis: Our pathologists analyze tissue samples to detect cancers and other diseases.
  • Surgical Specimens: After surgery, our lab examines specimens to determine the extent of disease and guide further treatment.


Cytology is the study of cells to identify abnormal changes. Our best pathology lab in Patna offers cytology services, such as:

  • Pap Smears: This test is used for cervical cancer screening, providing early detection and prevention.
  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC): This technique allows us to examine cells from different parts of the body, helping to diagnose various conditions.

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics uses advanced techniques to detect specific genes, DNA, or RNA. Our lab offers molecular diagnostic services, providing insights into genetic disorders and other conditions at a molecular level. These cutting-edge tests allow for more accurate and targeted diagnoses.

The Importance of Pathology in Healthcare

Pathology is the study of diseases through the examination of tissues, cells, and bodily fluids. It’s a foundational discipline in medicine, providing the data that informs diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Through a variety of tests and analyses, pathologists can identify abnormalities, monitor disease progression, and guide clinical decisions.

The work of a pathology lab extends across a broad spectrum, from detecting infections to diagnosing cancer and genetic disorders. In short, pathology is integral to the overall health and well-being of patients. With a top-notch pathology lab in Patna, Aastha Lok Hospital plays a pivotal role in the healthcare landscape.

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Why Choose Aastha Lok Hospital for the Best Pathology Lab in Patna?

Choosing the right pathology lab is critical for obtaining accurate and timely results. Aastha Lok Hospital stands out as the best pathology lab in Patna for several reasons:

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our pathology lab is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology, allowing us to deliver precise results efficiently. We continuously invest in advanced equipment to stay at the forefront of medical diagnostics.

Experienced Pathologists

Aastha Lok Hospital boasts a team of experienced pathologists who are experts in their field. They bring extensive knowledge and skill to every test they conduct, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Our best diagnostic centre in Patna offers a comprehensive range of pathology services, from routine blood tests to complex molecular diagnostics. This diversity allows us to meet the needs of a broad range of patients, from those requiring routine check-ups to those with complex medical conditions.

Fast Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of delivering results promptly. Our pathology lab in Patna is designed for efficiency, allowing us to provide fast turnaround times without compromising accuracy. This commitment to timely results helps facilitate rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Quality Assurance and Accuracy

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our pathology services. We follow strict protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our test results. This rigorous quality control ensures that our patients and healthcare providers can trust the results they receive from Aastha Lok Hospital.

Convenient Location

Aastha Lok Hospital is centrally located in Patna, making it easily accessible to patients and healthcare providers throughout the city. This convenient location allows for seamless scheduling of tests and timely access to results.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Aastha Lok Hospital is committed to providing high-quality pathology services at competitive prices. We maintain transparency in our billing practices, ensuring that patients understand the costs associated with their tests. This approach allows us to offer affordable services without compromising on quality.

Exceptional Pathology Services

Our commitment to quality, affordability, and patient satisfaction makes us the top choice for the best diagnostic centre in Patna. Contact Aastha Lok Hospital today to learn more about our pathology services or to schedule your diagnostic tests. We are here to support your healthcare journey with reliable and comprehensive pathology services.


Aastha Lok Hospital's pathology lab in Patna offers a wide range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, urine tests, and tissue biopsies. Our services cover clinical pathology, microbiology, hematology, histopathology, cytology, and molecular diagnostics. We provide comprehensive diagnostic solutions to meet diverse healthcare needs.

We understand the importance of timely results, so Aastha Lok Hospital's pathology lab strives to deliver accurate results quickly. The turnaround time varies depending on the complexity of the test, but we prioritize efficiency and aim to provide results as soon as possible, often within 24-48 hours for most routine tests.

Aastha Lok Hospital is the best pathology lab in Patna due to our experienced pathologists, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to quality assurance. We offer a comprehensive range of tests, fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Our central location and patient-centric approach make us the top choice for pathology services in Patna.

Yes, our blood test lab in Patna offers a variety of advanced testing services. These include specialized hematology tests, microbiology analysis, and molecular diagnostics. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy and thorough analysis, providing you with the most reliable results.

To schedule an appointment with a pathology specialist in Patna at Aastha Lok Hospital, you can contact us directly by phone or visit our website to book online. Our staff will guide you through the process, helping you choose a convenient time for your tests. We aim to make the scheduling process simple and efficient for our patients.

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